Ecommerce SEO

What is Ecommerce SEO? Good question. Now here’s your answer. Ecommerce SEO simply refers to a set of SEO services that are delivered for a website or business whose target market is national and/or international. Ecommerce websites are typically considered Ecommerce SEO accounts, as there are generally no geographic limits for where the buyers are coming from (shipping policies aside). Another example of a National SEO account might be an adventure tours company who is promoting and selling their tour packages on-line. Anyone anywhere in the world can buy their tours on their website.

Therefore the keywords targeted typically lack a geographic element. That is to say, they are not geo-targeted. Local SEO keywords are nearly always geo-targeted. An example might be a cosmetic surgeon in Miami. The keywords targeted for the cosmetic surgeon practice will follow our magic local SEO keyword formula. But this formula does not apply for National SEO services.

For Ecommerce SEO, you derive keywords by simply dropping off the geographic verbage and sticking with the service, product, or subject matter.

Once you have your list of targeted keywords, then the fun begins!  The best way to think about a Ecommerce SEO campaign is by visualizing the two main parts: